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Atelier Flasar
Voršilská 3
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic
Philosophy of Atelier Flašar
To listen
We acquire a complete understanding of your initial problems and your individual requirements. Our offer of expert assistance begins with an evaluation of the internal layout of the pharmacy while respecting the valid regulations, through to the offer of good quality materials and fixtures and fittings up to expert assistance with the opening of the pharmacy.
To satisfy
  • We offer architectural solutions resulting from our own standard product range for those pharmacy founders who are financially limited.
  • For those who are interested in above standard solutions an atypical blueprint can be prepared which will include combinations of different materials such as natural stone, massive wood, artificial stone, metal laminate, stainless steel and special attention is paid to working with lighting.
  • The complex realization is provided by our company in cooperation with selected producers and suppliers.
To develop
We are in touch with domestic and foreign developments, make contacts with foreign partners and prepare our own innovation policy.
Pharmacy on key
Offers from Atelier Flašar are based on our long term experience with interior design and extensive knowledge of pharmacy problems and at the same time the active observation of the current development within this business area.
We automatically consider that you will feel good and enjoy your work in the pharmacy designed by us. We would like to incorporate into the new interior, your prestige, your success and your future. We are able to prepare for you above standard solutions for a pharmacy that will become a pleasant experience for your customers. It will be an experience of the originality and ecstatically balanced personality of your pharmacy.
We are convinced that the pharmacy founder is initially fighting many problems of which each should be solved on the relevant level. This is why we can offer you our extensive expertise. The range of such assistance is fixed individually according to the actual conditions within the design blueprints.
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