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Atelier Flasar
Voršilská 3
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic
The private company of Michal Flašar - PHARMACY INTERIORS was founded in 1992 although due to previous architectural activity and their own blueprint designs for interiors and furniture, the company history stretches far back into the last century.
Generations of architects and builders have passed on their experience for more than 100 years. The name Flašar has been connected with pharmacy development since the nineteen-sixties and has always been synonymous with a respectable and creative approach when designing either mobiliary or the whole concept of the pharmacy.
This is still confirmed by the continuing and ongoing production and by the latest successes not just in the Czech Republic, but also abroad.
Preview of the most important dates
  • 2002 - realization of 700th interior of the pharmacy by the company Flašar - blueprints and realizations.
  • 1996 - registration of own industrial utility design of the cupboard with horizontally sliding storage units. Photos
  • 1995 - realization of the first pharmacy interiors abroad.
  • 1993 - (6.6. 1993)-pharmacy sign accepted by the Czech Pharmacy Association as the official pharmacy sign used in the Czech Republic - author: Michal Flašar. Photos
  • 1992 - registration of the trade mark for the Flašar company.
  • 1992 - realization of the first private pharmacy with Certificate number 1. in Trutnov. Photos | Prezentace
  • 1990 - historically the first advertisement of a private subject featuring fittings for pharmacies after 1989 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia - continued follow up for designing and realization of the interiors for pharmacies in cooperation with a line of furniture making companies (OPP Benešov, Dřevotvar, OPMP Mimoň etc.) Photos
  • 1974 - ing. arch. Michal Flašar provides individual realization of the first interior for a pharmacy in Zlín, by 1989 this is followed by realization of more than 50 interiors for pharmacies as art work. Photos A | B
  • 1973 - academic architect František Flašar submits the industrial utility design for the automatic dispensing box . Photos
  • 1963 - academic architect František Flašar opens cooperation with the Development Pharmacy Center and provides realization of the first pharmacy interiors in the whole of Czechoslovakia.
  • 1946 - academic architect Antonín Flašar and academic architect František Flašar design first public interiors.
  • 1938 - Mr. Antonín Flašar cooperates with the company Slezák from Bystřice pod Hostýnem on the development and design of metal furniture for medical centers. Photos A | B
  • 1903 - Mr. František Flašar devotes himself to the building trade. Photos
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