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Atelier Flasar
Voršilská 3
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic
Service offer
  • Virtual 3D design (AutoCad 2000)
  • Ensuring leasing of selected products or for complete interior features and fittings
  • Ensuring final building approval
  • Complete provision of realization of pharmacies from the initial study up to the final building approval and visitation of the pharmacist
  • Approval of the blueprint by relevant SUKL department
  • Design of the internal fittings for pharmacies, medical shops, surgeries, derma-cosmetic centers or other interiors
  • Furniture production
  • Animation of customer movements within the interior (Nemetschek program)
  • Rebuilding and reconstruction of the current pharmacy
  • Expedition, supply and assembly of mobiliaries
  • Warranty and after warranty service
  • Supply of basic pharmacy technology
  • Ensuring visits of SUKL
  • Expertise from previously chosen premises when founding the new pharmacy
  • Consultation and expert advice (building of pharmacy
  • Own development and furniture design
  • Guarantee of the authorized service "from one hand"
  • Preparation and realization of the build
  • Arranging of building permission
  • Engineering activity (documentation of the current situation)
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